Of Hearts and Hormones

Happy Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate it!  If you don’t, February is still “American Heart Month”.  Here’s some relevant research.

Did you know that many cardiovascular diseases vary by sex as well as by age?  Men with heart failure die off at a faster rate than women, regardless of treatment.  But this cardio-protective quality for females is predominantly found in pre-menopausal women, not post-menopausal women.  (JMM)

German researchers studied the molecular basis for these hormonal differences, using gene expression profiling on mouse and human cardiac samples.  Equipment included an Agilent Bioanalyzer system, cDNA microarrays, microarray scanner and software.

In total, the researchers found that gene expression of 13 mouse genes and 14 human genes differed between males and females, regardless of age.  They also found that most of these distinctly expressed genes were located on sex chromosomes.

The researchers hope their findings “may represent a starting point for an improved gender-specific medicine.”

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