Agilent is Named One of the Top Three “Most Sustainable” Companies

This is huge!  Barron’s has just ranked Agilent No. 3 in its list of the “100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies”.  Wow!

Barron’s is an American newspaper published by Dow Jones and News Corp.  It covers U.S. financial information and market developments.  Barron’s worked with Calvert – a global leader in responsible investing – to assemble its list.

Barron’s and Calvert’s second annual ranking of companies – based on hundreds of environmental, social and governance factors – puts Best Buy, Cisco Systems and Agilent Technologies at the top of the list.

Agilent previously ranked No. 17 in Barron’s first list a year ago.  Why the stunning improvement in rank?

Agilent has “a dense, detailed corporate social-responsibility report,” Barron’s says, “that includes information such as the organization’s direct and indirect greenhouse-gas emissions, by weight.”

You can read Agilent’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report here.

Barron’s highlights many of Agilent’s achievements in sustainability.  Agilent’s customers include labs that test for environmental and water safety.  Agilent has increased its energy efficiency by 40 percent and cut its carbon footprint by 25 percent.  Newer Agilent products – such as the Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System – use 50 percent less electricity.  Agilent leads in areas such as maternity leave and volunteer time off.  By next month, one third of its independent Board of Directors will be female.

You can read Barron’s article here.

Speaking of customers and sustainability, YouTube has a video on Apple’s recycling programs.  If you look in the background, the Apple lab is full of Agilent equipmentCheck it out at 2:32!

Thanks to Agilent employee Sean Spurdle for the Apple video link!

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