Sustainability through Innovation

With increasing global climate change and energy consumption, sustainability has become an imperative for businesses, including laboratories.  Consider two factoids:

  1. The average laboratory consumes more energy per square foot than a hospital, office or retail complex
  2. Reducing U.S. laboratory energy use by 30 percent would be equivalent to removing 1.3 million cars from our highways

Agilent is committed to delivering trusted answers that improve lives.  This means conducting our business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.  It also means continuously innovating to improve sustainability for ourselves, our customers and our planet.

Agilent has established a Sustainability Forum to increase awareness and identify new innovation opportunities.  Agilent’s Forum was recently profiled by Technology Networks.  Some highlights:

  • 85 percent of laboratories have sustainability goals in place. These include reducing energy and water consumption, as well as waste production.
  • Agilent focuses on sustainability in three areas: how we run our operations, how we create sustainable products and solutions, and how we enable our customers to be more sustainable.
  • Agilent product innovations include the Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS and 4210 MP-AES (both smaller and more energy-efficient than their predecessors), and a revolutionary oil-free scroll pump.

You can read the entire Technology Networks article here.

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