Agilent Wins Two More “Best Employer” Awards!

Agilent has won two “Best Employer” awards in North India.

The Employer Branding Institute is a virtual organization comprised of Human Resources leaders from more than 36 countries.  Senior HR leaders share best practices in Employer Branding and recognize outstanding professionals who contribute to “Talent Management, Talent Development and Talent Innovation.”

At this year’s North India regional event, Agilent won two categories of the “Best Employer Brand Awards 2018”:

  • Organization with Innovative HR Practices
  • HR Leadership Award

Agilent was also recognized as an overall “Best Employer Brand.”

The awards highlight several innovative HR programs developed locally by Agilent India.  These collaborative programs include:

  • LIFE (“Leadership Inspiring Future Evolution”), a learning and development program jointly developed and run by managers, employees and HR. Training is done by internal volunteers as well as external professionals.
  • WiLL (“Women in Leadership League”), a program to further the cause of gender diversity and facilitate the growth of women leaders.
  • LEAP (“Lattice Exploration and Progression”), a program that moves from “career ladders” to “career lattices” in providing career guidance to employees.

Is there an opportunity for you at Agilent?  Check out our Careers page.  We are constantly striving to make Agilent an even better place to work!

Thanks to Agilent HR Director Anupama Babbar for her help with today’s post.

Agilent’s Anupama Babbar (center) accepts the Best Employer Brand Awards

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