A Conversation with Agilent’s Director of Clinical Strategy

BioSpectrum recently featured an interview with Charmian Cher, Ph.D., Agilent’s director of Clinical Strategy in Asia Pacific.

“Asia Pacific makes up more than half the global population,” Cher says.  “Trends such as an increasing aging population, urbanization and chronic respiratory diseases underpin the demand for improved healthcare.”

Asia’s medical technology industry is expected to double within the next five years, overtaking Europe as the second-largest market after the U.S.  Agilent has a significant presence throughout Asia, including China (Agilent’s second-largest region after the U.S.) and Singapore (home to more than 60 multinational MedTech companies).

Agilent is helping drive innovations such as molecular diagnostics, precision medicine and digital technologies.  As Cher notes, Agilent’s vision is to provide a comprehensive workflow solution in next-generation sequencing, from when the patient sample comes into the lab until the final diagnosis.

“This complete workflow solution will eventually allow a clinician to have all the data and information needed to make a diagnosis at his/her fingertips,” Cher says, “consolidated from multiple testing modalities.”

One challenge is that high-quality diagnostic technologies remain inaccessible and unaffordable in many places.  Agilent hopes to address this issue as well.

“Agilent is focused on developing complete NGS and microarray solutions for cancer and constitutional analysis which will allow labs with little expertise to adopt and implement,” Cher says.  “These simplified solutions will not only include the necessary components to go from sample to report but will involve expert service and support to guide users through verification within their labs.”

You can read BioSpectrum’s entire interview here.

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