Researchers Develop a 10-Minute Universal Cancer Test

Researchers have developed a universal test that can detect the presence of any type of cancerous tumor.  The test is easy and non-invasive.  It can be performed using any tissue type (including blood or biopsy tissue) and produces results within 10 minutes.

How is this possible?

Australian researchers discovered that DNA molecules in cancer cells form a unique structure when placed in water.  They designed a test where cancerous DNA causes gold nanoparticles to change color.  Research equipment included an Agilent Bioanalyzer system to ensure DNA integrity.

Sample tests detected breast, prostate, bowel and lymphoma cancer cells with 90 percent accuracy.  But the technology requires much further development before it could be used as a diagnostic tool.  For instance, it can determine the presence of cancer, but not the type or stage.

“We certainly don’t know yet whether it’s the holy grail for all cancer diagnostics,” says Professor Matt Trau, one of the researchers.  “But it looks really interesting as an incredibly simple universal marker of cancer.”

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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