Agilent and the Ancient American Migration

Have you had your DNA tested to learn your ethnic history?  Archaeological scientists are doing this on a massive scale to study the first Americans.  U.S. researchers studied genomic data from 49 ancient Americans, including several specimens 11,000 years old.

The researchers found DNA similarities across wide geographical distances.  They believe humans journeyed to America – and from North America to South America –much earlier, faster and in more complicated patterns than previously thought.  Their findings suggest that North America was widely populated over a few hundred years, and South American within one or two thousand years by related groups.  The researchers also identified two previously unknown migrations from North to South America.

“Multiple population movements are necessary to explain ancient as well as present-day Central and South America gene pool,” says Cosimo Posth, an archaeogeneticist who led the study.

“The peopling of Central and South America not only was fast but also it was accompanied by multiple waves, some of which disappeared and some others which left a strong genetic impact all the way until today.”

The researchers’ genomic tools included Agilent PCR Enzymes & Master Mixes and Gene Expression Hybridization Kits.

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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