Agilent Recycles!

At Agilent, we manufacture electronic instruments.  We also use a lot of computing equipment to conduct business.  Over the past three years, Agilent’s internal IT Computing Services have decommissioned more than 50 tons of hardware worldwide.

I’m happy to report that 100 percent of that hardware went to recycling.

Even better, we have replaced the old equipment with new computing and storage technology that is smaller, faster and consumes a measurably lower amount of power and cooling.  For instance, one site replaced seven large refrigerator-sized cabinets with a system that occupied one-fifth of a single cabinet… improves performance… and significantly lowers power consumption and cooling demand.

In Colorado Springs, we’ve sent 41 tons of hardware to Blue Star Recyclers, a non-profit that creates jobs for people with autism and other disabilities.  Not only did this keep 1.5 tons of hazardous material out of landfills, it created 90 days of employment for people with disabilities.

(Since its founding, Blue Star has recycled 8,500 tons and created permanent jobs for 40 employees with disabilities at its three operations in Colorado.)

Agilent is committed to sustainability in how our instruments perform, how we design and manufacture them, and how we do business.  We recently received a Sustainability Leadership Award from Business Intelligence Group for our commitment to sustainability through innovative product design.

You can read Agilent’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report here.

Thanks to Agilent’s Larry Hofmann and Blue Star Recyclers’ Bill Morris for the information in today’s post!

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