Agilent and “the Race that Stops a Nation”

Australia’s Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the most famous Thoroughbred horse races in the world.  First held in 1861, the annual event is nicknamed “the race that stops a nation.”

After more than 150 years, Aussies are proud that the grand-prize trophy – the Melbourne Cup – is still crafted completely by hand.  The process involves miners, refiners, chemists, metalworkers and jewelers.

Chemists?  Yes, because the cup contains more than $200,000 worth of 24-karat gold.  In order to achieve that designation, the gold must be 99.99 percent pure.  If not, it must be refined again.

That’s where Agilent comes in.  Agilent offers best-in-class solutions for determining major or trace analytes in metals and mining.  The Melbourne Cup workers use an Agilent ICP-OES system to perform their metal analysis.

Lights Camera Business has created a fun 10-minute video – “Who Makes The Melbourne Cup?” – that you can view here.  You can see the Agilent ICP-OES at the 32-second mark, as well as the 4-minute mark.

Who makes the Melbourne Cup?  Agilent does!

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