Good News for Suspended Swimmer Madisyn Cox

Last month I blogged about U.S. National swimmer Madisyn Cox.  She was suspended after testing positive for Trimetazidine.  The Court of Arbitration believed Cox did not cheat, but no one could explain where the prohibited substance came from.

Now we know.

Sports Medicine Research & Testing Laboratory detected 4 nanograms of Trimetazidine in a multivitamin Cox has been taking for years.  Cox had listed this multivitamin on previous doping control forms.  The substance was detected in both opened and sealed bottles of the multivitamin.

Keep in mind, a nanogram is one billionth of a gram.  SMRTL uses Agilent GC/MS and QQQ GC/MS systems for its chemical analysis.  Agilent provides testing and analysis solutions for environmental labs and sports doping labs, including both WADA-certified labs in the U.S.

The Court reduced Cox’s suspension from two years to six months, which ended September 3rd.  She is once again eligible for competition.

Photo by JD Lasica from Wikimedia Commons

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