How to Get a Job at Agilent

Happy Labor Day, for those of you who celebrate it.  Speaking of labor, Job site has posted an interview with an Agilent hiring manager.

Dennis Episkopos is senior director of Global R&D for Agilent Software and Informatics.  He talks about “How to Score an Entry-Level Software Engineering Job, According to an Agilent Hiring Manager.”

“I look for a candidate who is eager to learn new things,” Episkopos says, “who enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems and who can bring different perspectives and background to the team.  And personally, I also look for a good sense of humor!”

Episkopos shares his perspectives on career satisfaction, Agilent’s culture, and what he thinks is the best job.  (Hint: it’s software engineering.)  He also talks about why everyone should come and work at Agilent.

Dennis Episkopos is Agilent senior director of Global R&D for Agilent Software and Informatics


“At Agilent, you’ll be using the latest and greatest technologies,” Episkopos says.  “We also offer unique challenges and great growth opportunities.  We also offer a flexible work environment.

“Agilent helps our customers make the world a better place.  We have a strong culture of innovation, and talented employees who make amazing things happen every day!”

What are you waiting for?  Agilent is hiring!

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