Agilent Scientist Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Chromatography Online has honored Ron Majors, a retired Agilent senior scientist, with a lifetime achievement award.

The LCGC Awards (for “liquid chromatography” and “gas chromatography”) recognize work by leading analytical scientists.  Ronald E. Majors has been named the winner of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography award.

I’ve blogged about Dr. Majors before.  He joined Agilent’s predecessor, Hewlett-Packard, in 1990.  After serving as a product marketing manager, business development manager, product marketing specialist and senior chemist, he retired from Agilent in 2013.

As a scientist, Majors pioneered major advances in column technology.  He is also a prolific writer, with many published articles about gas and liquid chromatography, surface chemistry and sample preparation.  He has been an invited lecturer, session organizer and conference chairman at many national and international symposiums.

“Majors’s greatest contribution to the field is his tireless effort to educate the chromatography community,” says Xiaoli Wang, an Agilent R&D section manager.  “His legacy is really his impact on people whom he has educated or influenced around the world — and I am one of them.”

You can read some detailed accounts of Majors’ legacy here and here.  Congratulations, Ron!

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