Agilent’s “World Cup” Competition

Besides offering industry-leading technologies, Agilent also has a strong employee culture.  A great example is the “Agilent European Football Championship.”  (That’s “soccer” for us Americans.)

This annual match-up began in 2016, when Agilent employees from Torino, Italy, travelled 375 miles north to take on their hosts in Waldbronn, Germany.  Teams were made up of employees from different divisions, including human resources, research and development, marketing and production.  Players included managers, office employees and production workers.  The Germans emerged victorious (6-4), and Waldbronn accepted Torino’s invitation to play in Italy the following year.

The 2017 championship match introduced a third team, as employees from the United Kingdom gathered 16 of their finest to represent queen and country.  That year the Italians came out on top, besting second-place Germany 3-1.

This past weekend, four teams competed in Manchester for the 2018 championship.  Germany, Italy and the UK were joined by newcomer Spain.  In a thrilling final match between Germany and the UK, the Germans needed a win to top the league, while the UK needed only a draw.  In the end it finished 1-1.  UK won overall!

Agilent funded the event, while travel costs were shared by the company and the participating employees themselves.

“Whether you were on the team with the final highest score or not, you are all winners in my book,” says CEO Mike McMullen.

“It’s a remarkable demonstration of teamwork, friendly rivalry and passionate sporting achievement, and above all terrific fun,” says UK Country General Manager Neil Rees.  “Agilent is proud to help sponsor the event.  It’s what makes Agilent such a great place to work.”

Do you have what it takes to win?  Come and join the Agilent team!

The 2018 Agilent European Football Championship teams from Germany, Italy, UK and Spain


Thanks to Agilent UK employee players Jonathan Yates (pictured at the top stretching for the ball) and Rob Wills for their help with today’s post!

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