Check Out the Agilent Podcast!

Did you know?  Agilent has a downloadable podcast.  These short audio programs are perfect for listening to while driving or exercising.

The Agilent Podcast Series explores thought-provoking themes and science trends.  Host Victoria Wadsworth-Hansen (Agilent Public Relations) chats with Agilent experts, customers and collaborators around the world who are doing cutting-edge work.

Fighting Cancer” (16:33) includes conversations with Brian Dranka (Agilent Cell Analysis), Hans Christian Pederson (Agilent Pathology) and Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo (Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai).

The three experts discuss developments in cancer treatment and the future of patient care.

The Many Dimensions of Space” (14:56) includes conversations with Giovanni Prodi (University of Trento), Dan Watch (Perkins+Will Architecture and Design) and Shane Tichy (Agilent R&D).

The three experts discuss every aspect of “space” – from the outer cosmos to the spaces we inhabit and the environments we work in.

Victoria hopes to release a new podcast every few months.  Give it a listen!

Victoria Wadsworth-Hansen, Agilent’s Global Director of Public Relations

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