Agilent Wins a Security Innovation Award

ADS is the premier industry trade group for Aerospace, Defense, Security and Space in the UK.  The organization has just given its annual ADS Security Innovation Award to Agilent.

I’ve blogged about Agilent’s acquisition of Cobalt Light Systems.  Cobalt’s unique spatially offset Raman spectroscopy can analyze materials through opaque barriers and surfaces.  And Cobalt’s Resolve product puts this capability into a handheld device.

Resolve has been deployed around the world to detect and identify explosives, narcotics and hazardous materials.  The device can accurately identify chemicals and mixtures in less than a minute through colored and opaque plastic, dark glass, paper, cardboard, sacks and fabric.  And it does so without opening the container, so any hazards remain contained.

“These awards celebrate the best of innovation in the security sector,” says ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt.  “I congratulate Agilent Technologies on their win.

“Innovative companies like these are generating thousands of high-value jobs across the UK and are making a significant contribution to public safety as well as national prosperity.”

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