Agilent Scientists are on the “Power List”

A worldwide industry journal, “The Analytical Scientist,” just published its annual Power List of the top 100 analytical scientists of 2017.  Two Agilent scientists are included.

Earlier this year, the publication encouraged its scientist readers to nominate outstanding scientists in 10 categories.  Final nominees were ranked by a panel of leading scientists in each category.  Each of the 10 categories then named its top 10 scientists.

Klaus Witt is the No. 9 inventor.  Klaus is R&D Senior Technology Lead for Agilent’s Liquid Phase Separations Business, working in Germany.

His nomination notes that “Klaus Witt is the leading inventor of 70 granted patent families for Hewlett-Packard/Agilent.  In my view, he is one of the most productive inventors in the HPLC instrument industry.

Shane Tichy is the No. 10 inventor.  Shane is R&D Manager for Agilent’s LC/MS Single and Triple Quadrupole business, working in the U.S.

Shane’s commentary notes that “My proudest accomplishment is the Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS mass spectrometer. I still remember the day – February 8, 2016, a Monday – when we observed signal on our newly built breadboard prototype for the first time. The team and I were overjoyed.”

Congratulations, Klaus and Shane!

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