Introducing Ultivo: “Small is Big Again”

Last year, Agilent revolutionized gas chromatography with Intuvo.  This year, we’re revolutionizing liquid chromatography with Ultivo.

Gas chromatography and liquid chromatography are two of the most established techniques for determining the chemical composition of an unknown compound.  Liquid chromatography is optimized for analyzing larger and more complex molecules. With the rise of biological compounds (versus chemical compounds), LC has seen tremendous growth.

The new Agilent Ultivo Triple-Quad LC/MS is about one-fourth the size of its predecessor.  Customers have been asking for a more compact option for years.

“Small is big again,” says Agilent’s Badr Astiphan.

But size is just one factor.  The Ultivo is also powerful.  It delivers the same or better performance than its predecessor, even though it has a 70-percent smaller footprint.  With smarter diagnostics, it alerts the user if maintenance is needed.  And with customizable software, users can enable different features depending on which workflow they are running.

Agilent innovations include a vortex-collision cell, a cyclone-ion guide and a fundamentally new quadrupole design.  One other important innovation: The Ultivo is the same price as its predecessor!

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