Welcome to Waldbronn!

Back in 2015, I blogged that Agilent was constructing a new Customer and Technology Center in Germany.  After only 19 months, the new facility is now open for business!

Located near southwest Germany’s Black Forest, Waldbronn has a long history with Agilent and our predecessor company, Hewlett-Packard.  It was in this region that HP first entered a promising new field called liquid chromatography in 1973, by acquiring a small local company (Hupe & Busch).  The facility moved to Waldbronn in 1978; by 2006 it had grown to four buildings.

Today, Waldbronn has responsibility for several of Agilent’s most important technologies, including high-performance liquid chromatography, microfluidics and capillary electrophoresis.  The new 16,200 square-meter facility will host 2,000 international training participants a year in its 25 laboratory, test and training rooms.  The opening ceremony, which also celebrated an expansion of Waldbronn’s existing campus, was attended by German dignitaries including Economic Affairs State Secretary Katrin Schütz and Olympic gymnastics champion Fabian Hambüchen.

“The new building will become a center of international exchange,” says Agilent’s Manfred Seitz, “from which ideas and innovations will come that will keep the company on the path to success.”

Agilent's Waldbronn campus

Agilent’s Waldbronn campus


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