In Celebration of Engineers

April 5 is “Global Day of the Engineer.”  Don’t worry if you didn’t know.  The day is being celebrated for only the second time in 2017.

But this is a good occasion to remember that Agilent owes its existence to engineers.  Two engineering graduates – Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard — started our predecessor company in a garage in 1938, giving birth to Silicon Valley.  The rest is history.

(The word “engineer” comes from two Latin words: ingeniare – “to contrive or devise” – and ingenium – “cleverness.”)

Today, many of Agilent’s 12,500 employees around the world are specialists in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

What’s the difference between an engineer and a scientist?  The National Academy of Engineering puts it this way (though they may be slightly biased):

“A major difference between science and engineering is that scientists deal with the world that is, while engineers envision the world that could be.

It is the job of the engineer to determine what people need or want, and figure out the best way to provide it.”

The engineers of yesterday helped enable just about every aspect of our modern lives.  And the engineers of today will play a major role in shaping our futures.

Want to help?  Maybe your next job will be at Agilent!

Today’s blog post topic was suggested by Agilent employee Laura Borland (who, by the way, is not an engineer).

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