March 22 is World Water Day!

Since 1993, the United Nations has declared March 22 as World Water Day, to draw attention to the importance of clean and accessible water for people around the globe.  The theme for 2017 is “Waste Water.”

The vast majority of all wastewater from our homes, cities, industry and agriculture flows back into nature without being treated or reused.  This pollutes the environment, and deprives us of valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials.  (  Around the world, 1.8 billion people use a source of drinking water that is contaminated with feces, putting them at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio.  (United Nations)

Agilent technologies and solutions are used by laboratories and communities around the world to monitor contaminants in drinking water, wastewater, surface water and ground water.  Agilent supports efforts to reclaim, recycle and re-use wastewater.

Agilent has presented a 2017 Thought Leader Award to Shane Snyder, Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Arizona.  Dr. Snyder is recognized for his influential research in water analysis, and the exploration of new approaches to determine the quality and safety of drinking water.

Dr. Snyder relies on gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, cell metabolism and genomics solutions for his work.  Agilent’s award includes financial support, products and expertise.

“Through our partnership with Dr. Snyder, we will be able to support further research into emerging contaminants during wastewater and potable reuse treatment,” says Agilent’s Tori Richmond.  “The results of this work will help ensure a clean and sustainable water supply for future generations.”

Today’s blog post topic was suggested by Agilent employee Alice Shen.  Thanks Alice!

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