A Face Behind the Blog

Hi, I’m Juliana. I am the Global Communications and Public Affairs summer intern here at Agilent, and have written a number of the blog posts you’ve been reading over the past couple months. It’s now time for me to head back to college for my final semester and leave my comfy cubicle at Agilent’s Santa Clara campus.

This summer was a whirlwind. I could go on for paragraphs about all the opportunities I received, but I’m going to give a few highlights. I helped the Community Outreach team with Family Innovation Day. I wrote for and contributed to Agilent’s internal newsletter (including one entire issue completely on my own). I assisted with a global committee working to refresh Agilent’s brand promise and culture. I even got to work with Agilent’s CEO on some of his executive quotes! Ultimately, I felt extremely lucky as I got to do all of my favorite things in a fast-paced and inspiring environment: writing, editing, brainstorming and event management.

What I admired most about Agilent is the team-centered culture here. Everyone on my team was incredibly supportive, inviting me to sit in on every meeting and trusting me with every project possible. Other employees and interns made my experience all the more amazing. Each person I reached out to took time to meet me for coffee, talk on the phone, and answer questions about their life experiences that led them to Agilent.

Agilent is heavily invested in its intern program as an opportunity to train the next generation of workers. Beyond this, the program improves local communities by giving students the dual opportunity to work in a corporate environment and sharpen their skills on real-world projects. It specifically benefits interns because it presents an opportunity for close mentorship, meaningful and challenging work, and the creation of a community with other interns and campus hires through events, executive speaker talks and site tours.

I could not feel luckier to have been given the opportunity to go through the Agilent Intern Program. I have learned so much about Agilent, about communications, and about myself as I prepare to graduate college and enter the ever-terrifying “real world”. Thank you for reading my posts this summer!

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