Agilent Inspires Future Innovators

Agilent is doing something special this summer. At several locations around the world, we are hosting “Family Innovation Days” for employees and their families. These events include hands-on activities and tours of Agilent innovations to inspire future scientists and engineers.

As both an Agilent intern and a college student, I was able to help plan the Family Innovation Day at Santa Clara, as well as experience the exciting and fun projects.

I worked at a station that involved Agilent After School (AAS) kits. AAS consists of interactive projects led by Agilent employees. By creating a physical project such as building a solar car, students are able to see applications of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in an engaging way. Furthermore, they are able to develop relationships with an Agilent volunteer who can answer questions and provide further information about the project or related STEM topic. Best of all, they are able to keep their creations and take them home afterwards.

As a volunteer, I found the children’s excitement infectious. Many exclaimed that they wanted to take their projects to school. Afterwards, some kids wrote out the equations they had learned in notebooks and even sought to further tinker with their projects—for example, to find new applications for the solar panels.

In addition to my station, several nonprofits also hosted stations with hands-on educational activities such as making “bristlebots” (tiny robots on the end of a toothbrush), creating waves to learn about kelp and seeing a skin biopsy under a microscope. Several tours were also available for attendees, including one through Agilent Labs, one of the most renowned research and development facilities in the world.

Other Agilent sites in Denmark and Japan have also held successful Family Days. By creating opportunities to explore STEM beyond a textbook and a desk, Agilent is showing hundreds of children the excitement that comes with scientific discovery. As one child declared afterwards, “I want another science party!”

Today’s post was written by Agilent Communications’ summer intern!

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