China’s New Record-Breaking Movie

What’s the most popular movie in theaters right now?  In China, it’s not “Star Wars,” “Deadpool” or any other Hollywood production.  It’s “Mei Ren Yu” (美人鱼), a domestic Chinese film released in the West as “The Mermaid.”  In two weeks it has grossed more than 2.7 billion yuan ($417 million), making it the biggest film of all time in China.

On its surface, “The Mermaid” is a romantic comedy about a real estate developer falling in love with a mermaid whose habitat he wants to exploit.  But the film also carries a very strong message about environmentalism.  As one of the film’s characters states, “If you don’t have one clean drop of water or one clean breath of air, what good is all of the money in the world?”

China is increasingly concerned about its standard of living as the country rapidly develops.  China’s economy is expected to surpass the U.S. and become the No.1 global economy within the next 12 years.  China’s government is funding numerous programs to improve the quality of its food, environment and human health.

Agilent has maintained a strong presence in China since 1982.  Working with the China National Environmental Monitoring Center, Agilent developed a method to detect and identify perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in water and soil using HPLC/MS technologies.  In cooperation with the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Agilent developed a mobile GC/MS system to analyze the quality and safety of drinking water.  Agilent has also donated to Peking University’s College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering to help advance the school’s research in air, water and soil pollution.

Agilent offers more than 40 years of environmental analysis and regulatory expertise, providing solutions for the measurement of organic and inorganic chemicals in water, soil, air and food supplies.

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