Agilent’s Seahorse Receives a 2015 “Top 10” Innovation Award

For eight years, The Scientist magazine has named the best laboratory and research products of the year.  Their list of 2015 Top 10 Innovations includes a breakthrough product from Seahorse Bioscience, a part of Agilent Technologies.

Seahorse is the leader in tools for cell metabolism research.  Cell metabolism involves all of the physical and chemical processes that occur within a living cell.  “Metabolic changes can have a huge impact on cellular systems,” says Seahorse’s Sierra Kent, Ph.D., associate product manager, consumables.

The Scientist Magazine recognized Seahorse’s XFp Cell Energy Phenotype Test Kit.  Used with the Seahorse XFp Analyzer, the kit can simultaneously measure the utilization of each major energy pathway of a cell.  Mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis are first measured under starting medium conditions, and then upon injection of a stressor mix that induces an energy demand.  Researchers can then easily compare these traits (or “phenotypes”) across different cell types and treatment conditions.  This single one-hour test is helping scientists gain a better understanding of diseases and how to treat them.

In one example, The Scientist notes how Seahorse’s kit was used for cancer research at the Icahn School of Medicine.  Senior postdoc Madhavika Serasinghe studied how cancer mutations in melanoma cells can affect the cells’ energy production and vice versa. “We were looking for clear metabolic shifts, and that is exactly what we were able to find,” Serasinghe says. “We found this very useful.”

Agilent acquired Seahorse in November 2015. “Seahorse Bioscience’s unique technology is the perfect complement to Agilent, in particular for metabolomics research and disease research,” says Agilent’s Patrick Kaltenbach.  “This combination gives scientists a more comprehensive and faster path to researching the most challenging diseases facing mankind.”

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