Agilent is Recognized (Again) as a Best Employer

Chemical and Engineering News has selected three companies that best provide their employees with “an interesting and stimulating work environment, coupled with excellent financial rewards and benefit packages.”  Agilent is one of these “cream of the crop” employers.

The C&E News article includes several comments from Chris Swenson, Agilent’s vice president of Total Rewards.  “We want to be the holistic partner to the lab,” Swenson says, referring to Agilent’s customers in analytical and diagnostics laboratories around the world.  “Agilent is taking the same holistic approach to employee fitness and happiness.”

C&E News highlights Agilent’s support of employee education, career development, work-life balance and community service programs.

Swenson notes that the average tenure of Agilent’s R&D workforce is 12 years.  “Agilent wants to continue to train and keep their employees engaged,” says long-time employee Maggie A. Ostrowski in the article.  “That’s really key to retaining people for the longer term.”

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