Agilent Expands its Footprint in Germany

Earlier this month, Agilent began construction on a major new Customer and Technology Center at its site in Waldbronn, Germany.  Agilent will dedicate $45 million over the next two years, making this the company’s largest-ever infrastructure investment.

Germany is central to a number of milestones in our history.  Hewlett-Packard (our predecessor company) established its first non-U.S. facility in Germany in 1959.  We entered liquid chromatography – and the life sciences market – by acquiring the German company Hupe & Busch in 1973.  And we have been in Waldbronn since 1978.

Today, the Waldbronn site provides several key life sciences technologies for Agilent customers.  High-performance liquid chromatography can separate and detect chemical compounds in complex mixtures.  Agilent HPLCs are used by pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical and food laboratories.  Our instruments are so sensitive, they can detect the presence of 0.25 liters of red wine within 48 billion liters of water.

Microfluidics (the manipulation of minute amounts of liquid) is used in several Agilent products.  The Agilent Bioanalyzer System can separate complex mixtures, biomolecules or cells on a glass chip.  Our instruments can differentiate between more than 100 different species and subtypes of fish.  The Agilent TapeStation System performs rapid, automated analysis of DNA and RNA using electrophoresis, a technique that separates macromolecules based on size.

Capillary electrophoresis is used to separate, quantify, enrich and purify larger biomolecules including DNA, RNA and proteins.  Agilent’s CE systems, the most sensitive and powerful on the market, are used by pharmaceutical and biotech labs to analyze complex molecules, as well as by food labs to ensure food quality and safety.

The new site will enable Agilent’s future growth for years to come.  As part of last week’s groundbreaking ceremony, Agilent President and CEO Mike McMullen joined German dignitaries to dedicate a time capsule near the entrance of the new building.  The capsule contains inputs from employees and video of the event filmed by parachute jumpers.  The new Customer and Technology Center is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2017.

Watch a 1:37 video of parachute jumpers delivering items for the time capsule at the new building!


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