Agilent Relocates a Customer Lab

Did you know Agilent relocates entire laboratories for global customers on a very large scale?

Agilent recently relocated 6,400 assets for a pharmaceutical giant. The Agilent team helped close facilities in two states, then reinstalled and tested the equipment in multiple other locations across the U.S. and around the world. Begun last November, the project was done in phases over 10 months, with Agilent project managers at each originating and receiving site.

Examples of the relocated materials include a bioreactor tank, small industrial systems called pilot plants, lab instruments, IT equipment and employee offices.

Even as the customer substantially raised the project’s scope (increasing the number of assets by almost 50 percent), they have been pleased with Agilent’s capabilities and service.  One site closure was even completed a month ahead of schedule. The success of this initiative has led to other large relocation projects for Agilent, including decommissioning and retrofitting buildings.

The Agilent CrossLab Relocation Service provides comprehensive help, whether you are moving a single instrument or an entire facility, across the hall or between continents.

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