Agilent Partners for Cutting-Edge Cancer Research

One of the biggest challenges in treating cancer is to target diseased cells while preserving healthy ones.  Traditional approaches such as chemotherapy destroy healthy cells as well as cancerous ones, causing toxic side effects for patients.

A promising new approach involves targeted therapeutics called antibody-drug conjugates.  An ADC contains both a monoclonal antibody and a cytotoxin, bound together.  The monoclonal antibody imitates the body’s immune system, causing it to bind to a target diseased cell.  The cytotoxic agent then releases a lethal toxin into the cell.

ADCs are extremely complex, and only a few providers around the world have the technical expertise to develop them.  MabPlex International, Ltd. is the largest ADC producer in Asia and one of the top providers worldwide.  MabPlex performs outsourced services that include high-quality biopharmaceutical R&D and production.

Agilent has partnered with MabPlex to establish a joint lab in Yantai, northeastern China.  This lab is Agilent’s first joint facility in Greater China to conduct advanced biopharmaceutical research and analysis of ADCs.  It will provide an integrated analytical platform for researchers, offer analytical services, and support the sustainable development of China’s biopharmaceutical industry.

“Agilent will continue to help China’s pharma providers bring high-quality drugs to market faster and at a lower cost,” says Agilent’s Zhao Ying.  “In this partnership we’ll provide not only the technical platforms, but will work closely with customers to hear their requests and develop the corresponding total solutions.”

Agilent systems in the lab include the Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC, 6530 Q-TOF mass spectrometer, 1260 Infinity LC, 7890A GC, Agilent’s capillary electrophoresis solution and more.

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