New Agilent Consumable Product Breaks Sales Record

After only nine months on the market, Agilent’s new A-Line Quick Connect fittings have set a record for revenue and customer acceptance.  Earlier this month, the new consumables line exceeded $1 million in revenue.   It is the fastest chemistries and supplies product line within Agilent to achieve that milestone.

In ultra-high pressure environments, secure fittings are essential to prevent leaks and ensure good analytical results.  Bad tubing connections can cause problems that affect accurate analysis, including peak tailing, peak broadening, split peaks and carryover.

Agilent’s A-Line Quick Connect fittings feature a novel, spring-loaded design that constantly pushes the tubing against the receiving port.  This delivers a reproducible connection for consistent chromatographic performance.  Technicians can easily finger-tighten the connection without requiring any tools or special training.

The A-Line was recognized by The Analytical Scientist with an Analytical Scientist Innovation Award (TASIA) for “Best of 2014.”

“To build on this extraordinary customer acceptance, we expanded the portfolio in June,” says Agilent’s Marc Fuerher.  “We now support UHPLC [ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography] and HPLC [high-pressure liquid chromatography] applications for most analytical labs.”









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