Agilent’s Values: Built to Last

As new CEO Mike McMullen assumes leadership of Agilent, he readily acknowledges the values that the company is built upon.

“Agilent’s global team is based on a foundation of wonderful core values,” McMullen said at a recent gathering of employees.  “Values of trust, teamwork, respect for the individual and innovation were built to last. They define a culture that makes us unique and makes this a special place to work. And I will continue to live those core values as your next CEO.”

Agilent’s values have been consistent since the company first launched in 1999. (They have their roots in the legendary “HP Way,” which was established more than 50 years ago.)

  • Innovation & Contribution. We differentiate our contribution in the eyes of our customers. We invent and discover solutions and seek new ideas to help our customers.
  • Trust, Respect & Teamwork. We treat all Individuals with respect. We create an inclusive environment that fosters respect for each person’s ideas and contributions. We realize the full power of a global, diverse workforce.
  • Uncompromising Integrity. We never compromise integrity in any relationships with customers, competitors, suppliers or employees. We adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and acknowledge anything less as unacceptable.
  • Speed. We anticipate and respond to customer and business needs with an intense sense of urgency.  We act decisively to make course corrections if one path isn’t working.
  • Focus. We make tough trade-offs.  We prioritize and simplify to understand what’s really important. We focus on anticipating and satisfying customer needs.
  • Accountability. We do what we say we’ll do. We make straightforward commitments and follow through on them.

“Our values – the most fundamental part of Agilent –will remain the core foundation of our company,” McMullen said.  “They help make Agilent an admired company around the world. They make it a place where we want to spend our time. We will stay true to these values.”

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