Welcome, Mike McMullen

At Agilent’s annual meeting of shareholders, 30-year company veteran Mike McMullen was formally introduced as the company’s new chief executive officer.

“For only the third time in our history, we have named a new CEO at Agilent,” said James Cullen, Agilent’s non-executive chairman of the board.  “Mike McMullen has a proven track record of building highly profitable, market-leading businesses.  I am very confident that under Mike’s leadership, you will see the results of Agilent’s continued commitment to lead in our markets.”

McMullen followed the chairman’s remarks with a presentation to shareholders.  “Agilent’s mission is to inspire discoveries for a better world, every day,” McMullen said, as he shared the company’s strategies for success in the coming year.

“First, we will grow through leadership in the analytical lab,” McMullen said, highlighting Agilent’s presence in 265,000 laboratories around the world dedicated to pharmaceuticals, energy, food safety, forensics, research and the environment.  “Our goal is to improve both the science and the economics of the laboratory.

“Second, we will grow by leveraging our analytical strength into diagnostics,” McMullen said.  “We will increase our presence in clinical research and diagnostics laboratories, with a focus on genomics and cancer applications.”

In a message to Agilent’s 12,000 employees around the world, McMullen shared his deep affection for the company as well as its strong culture and values, which have endured for more than 50 years.

“Like you, I love this company and I am passionate about its success,” McMullen said.  “I am inspired every day by your commitment to excellence as together we achieve our mission of inspiring discoveries for a better world. As your new company leader, I look forward to our exciting journey ahead as the new Agilent.”

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