Farewell, Bill Sullivan

Next week, Bill Sullivan will step down after 10 years as Agilent’s CEO.  At a recent investor meeting, Sullivan recounted the company’s remarkable transformation over the past decade.  After spinning off from Hewlett-Packard as HP’s original “born-in-a-garage” test and measurement business, Agilent struggled through the dot-com crash in the early 2000s.

“In 2005, we launched a strategic initiative to focus on our core expertise of measurement science,” Sullivan said.  “We embarked on a journey to turn a hard-core electronics company into a life science and diagnostics company.

“As a result of the enormous effort of the team, we have grown our analytical business from $1.4 billion to $4 billion per year in revenue, gaining the No. 2 position in the marketplace.  The ability of a company to transform itself is a testament to the skills and dedication of its employees.  I am very proud of the accomplishments the team has made over the last 10 years.”

Sullivan reiterated his appreciation in a farewell message to employees.  “A key to all we have achieved is our culture of teamwork and uncompromising integrity. These values are fundamental to accomplishing great things—and are in large part what has made Agilent a company I have loved working at for nearly 40 years.

“Thank you for the many years of doing great things together.”

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