Agilent Launches Innovative Molecular Cloning Kit

Agilent is one of the few companies that offer a set of products that address the entire workflow for molecular and synthetic biology.

Agilent has just introduced SureVector, the world’s first modular vector kit for researchers involved in molecular cloning and DNA assembly.  “Vectors” are small DNA molecules within cells that can replicate independently.

SureVector provides a synthetic biology-based approach to creating vectors from small fragments of DNA that include the features to make these vectors functional in a variety of cell types.

“Labs will be able to design, create and use a new custom vector in less than a day, rather than the two weeks it often takes today,” says Agilent’s Jacob Thaysen.

“SureVector enables biologists to quickly, efficiently and reliably construct customized vectors from standard components.  It will change the way people think about and do molecular cloning.”

This new product is part of Agilent’s cutting-edge synthetic biology product line, which includes both the highest-fidelity DNA synthesis platform and advanced measurement instruments such as mass spectrometry systems.

For Research Use only.  Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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