Agilent Introduces Technology for Rapid Screening of Aneuploidy

Agilent has introduced the GenetiSure Pre-Screen Kit, a high-throughput microarray for screening aneuploidy and other genomic aberrations.

Aneuploidy is a condition in which a cell contains an abnormal number of chromosomes.  Extra or missing chromosomes may cause abnormalities.

Agilent’s new pre-screen kit allows for a turnaround time of less than eight hours from DNA extraction to data analysis – an industry first.  GenetiSure can screen single cells in three-day and five-day embryos, run up to 14 samples simultaneously, and screen aberrations in the 5-Mb to 10-Mb range.

“No other array platform currently has this high-throughput capacity, with less than eight hours turnaround time, with this resolution,” says Dr. Richard Choy, a director and associate professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

GenetiSure was developed based on a protocol designed by Dr. Ali Hellani of the Viafet Genomic Center in Dubai.  The new kit utilizes Agilent’s market-leading technology for high-resolution oligonucleotide comparative genomic hybridization (CGH).

Watch this video to learn more about how Agilent’s GenetiSure Pre-Screen kit is helping today’s leading geneticists rapidly detect aneuploidy in embryos.

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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