Can Mice Help Your Acne?

Acne is a common skin disease that affects a majority of people, particularly in western countries.  It is especially prevalent during adolescence, when teenagers undergo rapid hormonal changes.

Acne is unique to humans, as most animals do not produce triglycerides in their hair follicles.  This makes it difficult to conduct research into the disease.

A team of scientists in the U.S. and Germany successfully used bioengineering to mimic an in vivo microenvironment of acne lesions in mice.  By implanting human tissue containing triglyceride-producing glands into mice, they were able to induce an immune response that mimicked an acne inflammation.  They were able to study the interactions of bacteria and proteins within the host biological environment.

The researchers used an Agilent liquid chromatograph and Agilent columns in their work.

This information is for research purposes only.  It is not intended for any use in diagnostic procedures.

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