Welcome to the New Agilent!

Agilent Technologies has completed its separation into two companies.

Keysight Technologies is a $3 billion company dedicated to electronic measurement.  We wish our Keysight colleagues success, as they continue the heritage that Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started in a garage 75 years ago.

Agilent Technologies is now a $4 billion company exclusively dedicated to life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets.  What exactly does this mean?

“Our generation is facing some of the biggest problems the world has ever seen,” says Agilent CEO-Elect Mike McMullen.  “With the rise of Ebola and other infectious pathogens, we are racing against time to improve the way we diagnose and treat diseases.

“As economies around the world develop and raise their standards of living, communities everywhere want to improve the quality and safety of their water, air and food.  And as the world’s population expands, we are all trying to manage a fixed and declining amount of fossil fuels, raw materials and resources.  We need to develop new sources of energy and materials.

“The New Agilent is right in the middle of this,” Mike says.  “Our mission is to bring capabilities to our customers to address those big problems.”  Agilent six customer markets include pharmaceutical, chemical and energy, food safety, environmental, research and diagnostics.

“Agilent is now a company making a big difference in creating a better world,” Mike says.  “From helping our customers find cures for cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease to ensuring that the food we eat is safe and our water and air are pure—what could be more important or fundamental in life?”

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