Agilent’s Longest-Serving Employee

Joyce Bertozzi just celebrated her 55-year anniversary working continuously for Agilent and its predecessor, Hewlett-Packard! Joyce holds the record as both the company’s longest-serving employee and its longest-serving active employee.

Yes, she’s still working!  When the Santa Clara, Calif., administrative assistant is asked why she still works after more than half a century, she replies, “What else would I do?”

Joyce started working for HP after graduating high school in 1959. That same year, the integrated circuit was patented, the Barbie doll was introduced, and the dark side of the moon was photographed for the first time.

With a career that spans more than half a century, Joyce has seen her share of change. “Business is a lot more cutthroat than it was years ago,” she remarks. “The atmosphere used to be more relaxed. Your work stayed at work and your home life was separate. Nowadays you have so much contact with your work, thanks to computers and cell phones, it seems like you can’t get away from it.”

Nevertheless, Joyce has no plans for retirement. “As long as I’m able, I’d like to keep working,” she says. “It keeps me active. I enjoy the people I work with, and I enjoy my job. I think it keeps me younger.”

What’s her next goal? “I want to reach 60 years of service,” she says, laughing.

Agilent CEO-Elect Mike McMullen congratulates Joyce

Agilent CEO-Elect Mike McMullen congratulates Joyce













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