Agilent Transforms a Leading Laboratory

Eurofins Scientific, based in the Netherlands, is the world leader in environmental laboratory services and food and pharmaceutical products testing.  It offers a portfolio of more than 100,000 analytical methods for evaluating biological substances and products.

Eurofins was using more than 20 different software packages and printing out every analysis, generating 600,000 sheets of paper per year.  The company needed to standardize on a single scientific data management system in order to streamline its operations and better serve its customers.

Eurofins now uses Agilent OpenLAB Enterprise Content Manager as their SDMS, integrated with Agilent OpenLAB, MassHunter and MSD ChemStation.  The ECM can manage and organize all electronic data, regardless of source.  Users can access ECM from any point in the company network, as well as archive, retrieve and reuse printed report data from any system.

The company now annually saves €6,000 on paper consumption, €10,000 on facilities space and €7,500 on other costs. “We’ve almost doubled the performance per analyst,” says Eurofins’ Arjan Veldhuizen.  “We have more reliable data in a shorter time.”

Eurofins has also reduced customer turnaround times by 20 percent.  “Analysts can do their jobs with more satisfaction and less stress,” says Eurofins’ Martin Hermsen.  “Customers get their results faster and the data is reliable.”

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