In Praise of “Learning Through Play”

June 7 celebrates the birthday of Susan Elizabeth Blow, who was born in 1843.  A pioneer in early childhood education, she is considered the “Mother of Kindergarten” in the U.S.

While studying in Europe in 1870, Blow witnessed German teaching methods that emphasized cognitive development and “learning through play.”  She opened America’s first public kindergarten in St. Louis, Missouri in 1873, paying all expenses and taking no salary.  Within three years, her kindergarten system had 50 teachers and 1,000+ students.  By 1883, every public school in St. Louis had a kindergarten.

Agilent believes that children’s educational programs are critical for developing the world’s next generation of engineers and scientists.

  • Agilent After School” is a global hands-on science program for children aged nine to 13.
  • Agilent Clean Air Challenge” trains teachers in a science and math-based curriculum that focuses on clean air.
  • Agilent China and the Agilent Technologies Foundation recently sponsored its second Sichuan Adolescents Science and Innovation Contest, emphasizing participation from remote and poverty-stricken regions.
  • Agilent employees in Santa Rosa, Calif. and the Agilent Technologies Foundation are launching a collaborative program with middle school instructors to promote science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Agilent was a sponsor of the 2014 USA Science & Engineering Festival.

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