Dako Adds New Weapons to the Fight against Cancer

Agilent’s Dako subsidiary has introduced two new ready-to-use antibodies for cancer diagnosis.

Monoclonal antibodies can be used to demonstrate the presence of pre-cancerous cells.  They are called “monoclonal” because they are made by identical immune cells all cloned from the same parent. (“Polyclonal” antibodies are made by different immune cells.)

Monoclonal antibodies typically involve human-mouse hybrid cells.  Recently, rabbit monoclonal antibodies have emerged as an alternative with several advantages, including lower cost.

Dako’s two new antibodies are rabbit monoclonal antibodies.  Anti-TdT is used to help classify lymphoma and leukemia.  Anti-CK 8/18 is used to help classify tumors of unknown origin, and is the first such rabbit monoclonal antibody available from a major pathology provider.  Both products provide excellent specificity and sensitivity, and have been reviewed and accepted by key pathology experts.

“We are pleased to add these two high-quality antibodies to our comprehensive offering to pathologists around the world,” says Agilent’s Britt Meelby Jensen.

This information is for research purposes only.  It is not intended for any use in diagnostic procedures.

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