The Big Instrument Makers Are Getting Even Bigger

The market for analytical and laboratory instruments is increasingly dominated by a few key players at the top, according to Chemical & Engineering News.  And these leading giants are getting even bigger, thanks to industry consolidation.  C&EN’s April 28 cover article, “Top Instrument Firms,” notes that the combined sales of the top 10 firms grew 65 percent between 2008 and 2013.  Agilent’s analytical and laboratory business, ranked No. 3 by C&EN, has grown significantly since acquiring Varian in 2010 and Dako in 2012.

The market outlook also remains positive.  Agilent Chemical Analysis Group President Mike McMullen cites key global macroeconomic trends that should continue to drive growth, including human health, quality of life, resource scarcity and emerging markets.

Technology innovation continues to drive differentiation in the life science tools market.  The issue features the Agilent GV1000 X-ray Diffractometer on its cover.  Single crystal X-ray diffractometers determine the atomic and molecular structures of small molecules and proteins by measuring the interaction of crystallized samples with X-rays.  Agilent’s GV1000 provides a high-brilliance X-ray source in a compact, fully-integrated system, making it an ideal solution for the discovery of new medicines in both academic labs and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Agilent GV1000 X-ray Diffractometer