Agilent Partners to Accelerate Student Learning

Agilent and the University of California, Berkeley, are using Agilent’s BenchVue software to provide an enhanced learning experience for students at UCB’s College of Engineering.

BenchVue’s software environment is faster and easier to use than traditional software.  Engineering students can now manipulate measurement data without having to learn instrument programming.  Students can work more efficiently through labs and design concepts, while devoting more time to engineering theory.

“Agilent is delighted to work with the faculty at Berkeley’s EECS department to develop a richer learning experience for students,” says Rod Unverrich, Agilent senior program manager for BenchVue.

“Our partnership with Agilent has generated a big win for our students,” adds Tsu-Jae King Liu, UCB professor and chair of the Electrical Engineering Division.

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Agilent Technologies, U.C. Berkeley Partner to Accelerate Student Learning in Engineering

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