Agilent Joins International Systems Biology Effort

Until recently, lipids – including cholesterol and fatty acids – were merely thought to store energy in the human body.  We are now discovering that bioactive lipids play important roles in everything from cell proliferation to regulation of inflammatory processes.

Agilent is participating in an international consortium to develop the world’s first lipid database for different races and ethnicities.  By studying healthy and unhealthy “fat” levels of different races and ethnicities, scientists hope to discover new disease markers for future treatments.

All consortium members will use Agilent’s industry-leading triple quadrupole LC/MS system with ion funnel (iFunnel) technology.  “We are honored to be part of this new consortium,” says Agilent’s Rod Minett.  “We hope this resource will help medical professionals provide better-quality care to their patients.”

“Doing this in healthy individuals will provide a broad, foundational basis relevant for a better understanding of onset of diseases,” says Markus Wenk with the National University of Singapore.  Wenk is collaborating with Agilent on a paper describing the discovery of 10 novel bioactive lipids, which will have new implications in understanding biological processes.

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