Agilent Supports Research on Drug Induced Liver Injury

Agilent is continuing its support of research being conducted on drug induced liver injury (DILI) through its most recent Thought Leader Award to Dr. Paul B. Watkins, international drug safety expert at the Hamner-University of North Carolina Institute for Drug Safety Sciences.

Dr. Paul B. Watkins

Dr. Paul B. Watkins

Dr. Watkin’s research underscores the need for new predictive tools that will assess the safety of drug compounds earlier in the drug-development process

The award continues Agilent’s support of the research Hamner scientists are conducting on DILI. Dr. Watkins’ studies involve mouse genetic models, patients who have experienced or are experiencing DILI, and patient-specific liver culture models derived from stem cells.

Using Agilent’s nuclear magnetic resonance technology, SurePrint G3 microarray platform, and other integrated biology technologies, Dr.Watkins and his team hope to further clarify the causes of drug-induced liver injury.

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Agilent Technologies Thought Leader Award Supports Dr. Paul Watkins, Hamner-UNC Institute for Drug Safety Sciences

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