Agilent Awards Grant to Duke Molecular Physiology Institute

Agilent has awarded a grant for translational research in cardiometabolic disease to the newly established Duke Molecular Physiology Institute.  The Duke team is using Agilent’s integrated biology solutions to gain new insights into the metabolic and physiologic aspects of major chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

The Duke Molecular Physiology Institute was launched in July 2013 by the Duke University School of Medicine to provide multi-omics tools to understand metabolic and physiologic aspects of major chronic diseases and sophisticated capabilities in human and animal model physiologic investigation.

The DMPI’s research team is conducting pioneering pathway-centric research powered by Agilent’s GC/MS, triple quadrupole LC/MS and quadrupole time-of-flight LC/MS systems, in addition to a complex array of Agilent software.

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Agilent Technologies Awards Grant for Translational Research in Cardiometabolic Disease

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