Agilent Collaborates on Study of Wastewater Treatment

Agilent and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore are collaborating on two projects to support the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute in its study on the impact of microorganisms in wastewater treatment. 

Using Agilent’s bio-analytical instruments, the first project seeks to develop a real-time monitoring system for wastewater treatment that can provide early warning of failure in the treatment process as well as provide accurate data.   

The second project will investigate a less energy-intensive water-treatment method to develop a portable, low-cost analytical kit for use in developing countries.

Researchers on both projects hope to gain a better understanding of the microbes capable of degrading various materials to harness them for wastewater and waste treatment. For example, when the behavior of microbes is better understood, a solution can be found to the problem of microbes interacting and competing with one another which hinders the recovery of energy during wastewater treatment.

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Agilent Technologies and Nanyang Technological University Collaborate on Wastewater Treatment Research

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