University of Michigan Engineering Students See the Music

One of the challenges faced by many engineering colleges is how to teach Electrical Engineering to non-EE majors.  At the University of Michigan, Dr. Alexander Ganago has found a solution, using his students’ interest in music.   The intent is to maintain the standard EE measurements while offering a new dimension to student learning when building circuits. 

Dr. Ganago “engineers” music through teaching two abstract concepts – the Fourier spectra of signals, and the transfer functions of filters.  His goal is to attract a broader audience, ultimately reaching the K-12 level to evoke interest in electrical engineering.

Agilent is a major supplier to the University of Michigan School of Engineering, outfitting Dr. Ganago’s labs with instrumentation that includes 34401A digital multimeters and E3631A power supplies, along with new Agilent oscilloscopes.

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