Agilent Extends Frontier of Atomic Force Microscopy with Next-Generation AFM

Agilent has announced the introduction of its a next-generation atomic force microscope.  The launch of The Agilent 7500 sets new performance, functionality and ease-of-use benchmarks for nanoscale measurement, characterization and manipulation.

The Agilent 7500 platform is designed to extend the frontier of atomic force microscopy for academia and industry by providing high resolution and unparalleled environmental and temperature control.  

Agilent offers high-precision, modular AFM solutions for research, industry and education, with leading-edge R&D laboratories focused on the introduction and optimization of innovative and easy-to-use AFM technologies.

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Agilent Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Atomic Force Microscope

Agilent N9417S 7500 Atomic Force Microscope