Agilent to Sponsor Symposium on Exposomics and the Causes of Disease

On October 16th, Agilent is sponsoring a scientific symposium on exposomics and the etiology of disease. A panel of scientists from Duquesne University, the Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh, Pa., and the Heinz Endowment will discuss analytical strategies for measuring how environmental exposure impacts human health and chronic disease.

Exposomics is a rapidly growing field of research expected to provide the missing pieces to disease causality by integrating metabolomics, environmental toxicology, systems toxicology, biochemical epidemiology and systems biology into one unified objective.

The half-day event, “Regional Perspectives to Integrate Exposure and Exposome Measurement with Effects on Human Health” will be held at Duquesne University.  Case studies will focus on autism, air quality, and chronic disease.

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Agilent Technologies Sponsors Duquesne University Symposium on Exposomics, Toxicity Pathways in Human Health

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