Agilent Japan Sites Show Kids the Wonders of Light and Sound

Agilent Japan recently hosted children at its Hachioji site and a child center near Kobe site for Science Wonderland, an annual science show and workshop the company has sponsored since 2000.

This year’s event focused on light and sound. The 8- to 12-year-old students learned about light’s three primary colors, polarization and complementary colors. Through hands-on experiments, they also learned about the relationship between sound and waves, and about resonance.

At the end of the session, the instructor created a strange sound with a very tall steam cooker and rice. Priests often do this at Japanese shrines to determine whether there will be peace or disaster. The children now understand how those “secret” sounds are made.

Agilent Japan works with a nonprofit group specializing in science education to host the event. About 40 Agilent volunteers took part, helping more than 250 students in Hachioji and 190 students in Kobe conduct the experiments.

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